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Series: "Im Dienst der Gesellschaft"
Coming coin:
Lorenz Crössmann, Berlin (image side), Patrick Niesel, Röthenbach a.d. Pegnitz (value side)
Issue date: April 25, 2024
Mint: Berlin (A), München (D), Stuttgart (F), Karlsruhe (G) und Hamburg (J)
Weight: 9,8 g
Coin diameter: 28,75 mm
Material:  CuNi 25, CuNi 19, polymer
Nominal: 10 Euro
Mint quality: mint gloss
Circulation: 67.500 pieces

Your order for subscription delivery will only take effect from 2023. If you would also like to receive the 2022 "Pflege" 10 euro polymer ring collector coin, please click here.

Please note: Price applies to each issue. If you take out a subscription, you will receive the 10 euro collector's coins of the current year in the minting quality mint gloss sent to your home twice a year. If you take out a subscription in the current year, the subscription begins with the delivery of the items that are still available when the order is received. The subscription is automatically renewed every year. You can end your subscription at any time. Please send cancellations in writing to our service team.

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