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Where can I purchase German euro collector?

You can purchase collector coins in mint gloss condition from Münze Deutschland. Coins in circulated condition are available from Deutsche Bundesbank branches and from other banks.

Why is sales tax charged on some collector coins?

The coins from Münze Deutschland are collector products that are subject to sales tax. You purchase the coins from Münze Deutschland in high-quality packaging and in the high mint gloss collector quality. At banks and building societies, the collector coins are exchanged at nominal value and without packaging. The coins are only available in brilliant uncirculated quality.

How do I become a customer of Münze Deutschland?

Once you have submitted your requested order to us in writing, by telephone, or online, you will receive a customer number. You can find our contact details at https://shop.muenze-deutschland.de/kontakt/. Please note: There is a special ordering procedure for gold coins.

Where do I find the GT&Cs?

Go to our General Terms and Conditions

How can I subscribe to/unsubscribe from the newsletter?

You can subscribe to the newsletter in the shop under “Service” in the “Newsletter” area. You can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time by using a link at the end of the newsletter.

Am I obliged to accept the coins after the purchase has completed?

You do not have any right of cancellation with gold coins. You are obliged to accept the coins that were ordered and allocated to you. For the other coins, you have the right to cancel this contract within 14 days without specifying a reason. Please note: In principle, in accordance with Section 312 g (2) No. 8 BGB, there is no right of cancellation for distance contracts involving the delivery of goods whose price is subject to fluctuations on the financial market, over which the trader has no influence, and which may occur within the cancellation period.

Can I read the Prägefrisch magazine online?

You can find all editions of Prägefrisch in the Prägefrisch category

Will I receive a certificate for all coins that are sent to me?

The issuer, the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF), has provided a certificate for gold coins. There are no certificates for the other collector coins.


How can I change my order?

Please contact Customer Service and state your order number. You can inform us quickly and easily of the changes you would like to make by using the contact form.

Can I reserve products?

Reservations are not possible.
When you are logged on, products that are available which you add to your shopping cart remain saved for you until you delete them or complete your order.

How can I terminate/cancel my subscription?

Please contact our customer service team in writing and state your order number. You can inform us quickly and easily of your request by using the contact form.

When will I receive the payment request for my individual order?

For individual orders with immediate availability, it will be sent shortly after the issue date.
Please note: It may take up to two weeks for the payment request to be sent.

When will I receive the payment request for subscription orders?

For subscription orders, it will be sent according to shipping campaigns, but shortly after the issue date. If possible, several subscription items will be sent together.

How do I receive the invoice for my order?

The invoice is sent together with your order. Afterwards, you can request the documentation for any order under “My Account” in the “Orders/Deliveries” area.

When will I receive information about my order of coins that have to be allocated?

You will be informed when the allocation procedure is complete, usually together with the payment request. You will receive this shortly after the issue date of the respective coin.
Please note: It may take up to two weeks for the payment request to be sent.

When does my subscription start?

All of the subscriptions you have ordered and their start date can be seen in your online account under “My Orders”.

Will I receive the coins that have already been issued if I cancel my subscription after the start of the series?

See the order form or the online shop for information relating to which issue/s are included in your subscription. All editions that have already been issued as not automatically sent.

I have forgotten which subscription I signed up to.

You can see all of your subscriptions and orders in your online account under “My Orders”.

I’m not sure whether you received my subscriptions/orders. Where can I see my subscriptions or orders?

You can see all of your subscriptions and orders in your online account under “My Orders”.

Together with the Prägefrisch magazine, you sent me an order form listing the products that are already included in my subscription. Do I have to order them again?

No, you do not have to reorder them in this case.

I placed an order using the order form. Can I see the order in my account?t?

Yes, once your order has been entered, it will be displayed in your online account under “My Orders”.

Shipping and returns

Can I choose an alternative delivery address?

You can enter a branch of your choice as an alternative delivery address.
Please note: It is not possible to deliver to a Packstation. Please contact our customer service team if you want to have your order delivered to a different recipient.

Where can I find the tracking code for my shipment?

As soon as the shipment for your Internet order leaves our company, you will be e-mailed a confirmation of shipment including the shipment number. You can also see the tracking code for each order under “My Orders/Deliveries”.

How high are the shipping costs?

Go to the current overview of our shipping costs.

When are the coins that I ordered sent?

Your coins will be sent between 2 and 7 working days following receipt of payment.

Is it possible to receive the delivery on a preferred date?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to set a preferred date. However, you can state when you are not available under “My Account” in the “My Absences” area. You will not receive any deliveries during this time.

How can I send my goods back?

You have the right to cancel this contract within 14 days without giving reason and to return your coins and coin products. Goods for which the right of cancellation was excluded at the time of ordering cannot be canceled after the end of the order deadline. For detailed information about your right to cancel.

Can I have my order delivered to my Packstation?

We are unable to deliver to a PO box or to Packstation addresses, unfortunately.

Can I collect the coins I ordered or combine several deliveries?

Private customers are not able to collect coins. Orders from several customers cannot be combined into one delivery. This is not possible for contractual reasons.

My Account

When will I receive the document I requested (invoice, payment request, delivery note) for my order?

The e-mail with the document you requested will be sent to you immediately and you will receive it a few minutes later.

I did not receive the document I requested. What can I do?

Please check your junk folder. If the e-mail did not end up there, please contact our customer service team.

Why am I automatically logged out of the shop?

You will be automatically logged out after a few minutes of inactivity for security reasons.

How do I log in to the online shop?

You can log in by using your access data (e-mail address and password) in the “Login” area.
Don’t you have an online account yet? Register as a new customer under Logging in and Registration.

What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

Use the “Forgotten your password?” function to request a new password. This will be sent to your e-mail address. You can use a link to reset your old password and to create a new one.

What are the guidelines for assigning a password?

The password must comply with the following criteria:

  • At least 8 characters
  • One digit
  • One lower and upper-case letter
  • No consecutive characters of the same type

Why can’t I enter my absence in my account?/I receive an error message when I enter my absence. What can I do?

Please note the following criteria when you enter an absence:

  • The start date of your absence must be at least five days in the future.
  • The minimum length of absence is five days.
  • The end date of your absence can be a maximum of six months in the future.


Which payment options does Münze Deutschland offer?

ou can pay in advance or via SEPA direct debit. Please note: First-time customers must pay in advance. If there is a valid SEPA direct debit mandate, the amount can be debited from your account with your second order.

I transfer the amount that is due even before I receive a payment request?

Please transfer the amount due only after you receive the payment request – this will also contain all necessary data.

I have received a payment reminder even though I transferred the money. What can I do?

In this case, please contact our customer service team. You can contact us quickly and easily by using the contact form.

I would like to change the payment method for my subscription. Is this possible?

In this case, please contact our customer service team. You can contact us quickly and easily by using the contact form.

Coin-related knowledge

What do the two “L”s on the value side of the euro coins mean?

These are the designer’s initials, Luc Luyxc (Belgium).

The 1 and 2 euro coins sometimes have different colors. Does this mean that different metals have been used?

Like all materials, the metals used in coins are also subject to environmental influences. Therefore, color fluctuations can occur depending on the time of manufacture, the storage location, temperature, humidity, etc. In addition, the center part of the 2 euro coin and the ring around the 1 euro coin are made from a copper alloy with zinc and nickel additives. Even a minor change in the composition can cause slight color fluctuations and a reddish coloring. This is tolerated and does not represent a defect.

What does the alloy "Sterling silver” consist of?

Up until 2010, the silver commemorative coins of the Federal Republic of Germany consisted of the alloy Sterling silver. They consist of 92.5% silver. The rest is copper, which makes the coin metal harder and thus less sensitive. Since 2011, the alloy consists of 62.5% silver (625 Ag) and the rest of copper.

What is meant by "Nordic gold"?

The alloy from which the 10, 20 and 50 cent coins are produced is called “Nordic gold”. The metal mixture consists of copper (89 percent), aluminum (5 percent), zinc (5 percent) and tin (1 percent). Not to be confused with the term “Gold of the North” which is the name given to amber.

Are the new euro coins different thicknesses? The 50 euro cent coins in particular don’t seem to be uniform!

The 10 to 50 cent coins, and also the 1 and 2 euro coins, can sometimes appear to be different thicknesses. This is an optical illusion caused by the ribbed edge of the coin. Ribbing that has become very rounded makes the coins look thinner than standard coinage. Minting of the ribbed edge is technically very difficult. During minting, the coin blank must be pressed into the indentations in the minting ring. At the elevations of the minting ring, with which the material comes into contact first, burrs can form prematurely on the flat bar. It is down to the extreme skill of the master minter that the optimal specification of the value and image side as well as the coin edge are achieved. Minor differences are, however, inevitable.

The edge lettering on a euro doesn’t always begin at the same place on the coins. Why is that?

The edge lettering is minted into the coin blank in a separate work step. Only after this is done are the unsorted blanks added to the mint for the image and value sides. Therefore, it is a matter of chance which side of the coin the edge lettering can be read from and at which place on the coin edge it begins.

Countless new candidates are knocking on the door of the EU. Will these countries also issue their own euro coins later on?

Potentielle neue EU-Kandidaten müssen zunächst eine Anpassungsphase von mindestens 2 Jahren durchlaufen, bevor sie in die Währungsunion aufgenommen werden. Dann allerdings werden diese Länder wie alle anderen über Euro-Münzen mit einer eigenen nationalen Münzseite verfügen.

How should I store my coins?

We recommend storing your coins in the case or plastic capsules that we sent you. The room where you keep your coins should be dry with a normal room temperature (it should not be subject to wildly fluctuating temperatures).

What do the various letters mean on the coins?

The letters represent the following mints:

A for Berlin
D for Munich
F for Stuttgart
G for Karlsruhe
J for Harmburg