The German Mint is responsible for the distribution of collector and commemorative coins of the Federal Republic of Germany. This involves direct sales to private and commercial customers.

The German Mint is a trade mark of the Federal Office of Administration (BVA), a higher federal authority within the portfolio of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community. The Federal Ministry of Finance has transferred these tasks in the field of coinage to the BVA. The BVA and thus the German Mint are subject to the legal and technical supervision of the Federal Ministry of Finance.

The BVA is responsible for the procurement of coin blanks and the issuing of minting orders to the mints of the federal states. The Federal Ministry of Finance and a representative of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media are also involved in organising competitions with motif artists for the individual coin motifs.

Some of the collector and commemorative coins are available from the Bundesbank in brilliant uncirculated quality. This is currently limited to the 20 euro collector coins in sterling silver as well as the 10 euro collector coins and the 5 euro collector coins made of base metals.