subscription 20 euro collector coins set silver

„Hans im Glück“, „125. Geburtstag Bertolt Brecht“, „400 Jahre Rechenmaschine von Wilhelm Schickard“, „100. Geburtstag von Vicco v. Bülow (Loriot)“

The annual set contains all 20 euro collector coins in sterling silver (Ag 925) from the year 2023 in a numismatic presentation folder with removable coin capsules. It is expected to be delivered from October 2023.

Nominal: 20 Euro

Mint quality: mint gloss

Please note: Price applies to each issue. If you take out a subscription, you will receive the current annual set of 20 euro collector coins sent to your home every year. If you take out a subscription in the current year, the subscription begins with the delivery of the items that are still available when the order is received. You can end your subscription at any time. Please send cancellations in writing to our service team.

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